the mind of an oyster




One must have the mind of an oyster

who builds a home from her own substance,

to possess the grain of sand that slips in

while she opens her body to the sea.


Not one to expel a challenge     

her voluptuous mantle

embraces the grain,

gifting nacre layer upon layer,


until a smooth white gem,

cool to the touch,

radiating an iridescent fire,

is borne.


The oyster knows the sand

is the heart of the gemstone.




This poem was written in response to an invitation from Tweetspeak Poetry.

Click HERE  for to join us!

7 thoughts on “the mind of an oyster

  1. Michelle, this is lovely. There are several lines that stick with me. You set the stage so well with: “who builds a home from her own substance.” Love the tactile description in “cool to the touch” — so unusual but perfect for a pearl.


  2. Michelle!
    This is fabulous. I don’t even have anything to say beyond that.
    If I were to try and share my favorite lines the result would be me copying the entire poem here in the comment box. But I will single out the grain of sand line as being pivotal – in poetry and in life, which you have captured so beautifully.


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